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Welcome to my newest blog. I'm not going to waste a lot of time. I'm just going to dive right into it.

I have a question ... If you had a teenage daughter --about 15 or 16 or 17 --who was sexually active and didn't feel like she could talk to you, would you get mad at an older female friend or relative who took her to the clinic and got her put on birth control? Not because the older female condones the behavior, but because she wants the girl to be safe if she's going to be having sex. My husband says I need to stay out of it b/c I'd be pissed if someone took my kid to a clinic w/o my knowledge, but I expect that my kids will feel comfortable enough to talk to me. I try not to make talking to me painful for them.

So, how about it. Am I stepping on toes? Is it worth it to step on toes to keep her from ending up pregnant? I've been wrestling with this for two days. I don't want to piss off this girl's family, but how guilty would I feel if she ends up w/child? I know how difficult it is to be a young mom and feel the need to stop her from making taking that path.